The front office2daytime office manager is Cicely Luna, who has many years of experience with all aspects of managing an outpatient medical practice, and is particularly well-versed in issues related to billing, reimbursement, and medication management. Please feel free to ask her to help with any administrative problems.



front office1The evening office manager is Beth Short. She is an expert on just about everything related to our practice, especially prior authorization requests from insurance carriers. Please feel free to ask her to help with any problems you may encounter.




Additional staff: Alexa and Justin are also available to help with any problems. Justin is in charge of Prior Authorizations.


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617 West End Ave, Suite 1B

(side entrance on 90th Street)

New York, NY  10024


Phone and SMS: (212) 579-0339


Fax: (212) 202-4187

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Monday - Thursday, 9AM to 10PM

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